Friday, July 31, 2015

The Grand Opening of the Reagan Market

Our Welcome Booth

We had our first Reagan Market and...... it RAINED! 

It was SUPER hot and muggy and when the rain started, it POURED. I felt horrible because we had so many vendors running around trying to frantically load all their merchandise into their trucks and cars - and we were frantically helping them out! 

Although it rained, we got some really positive feedback about the Grand Opening of the Reagan Market and I think it was a success!!

We made it into NBC's "Things To Do" list and We made a list of our fabulous vendors!!

Here are a few photos of the cute booths, merchandise, 
and ad's from our fantastic vendors before & after the rain: 
Ma Cherie Boutique Cute Dinosaur Topper, Sol-E-Mar's Giveaway Necklace and The Garminx Boutique Truck!

Blonde Holiday

Heal Meow

Bright Spot Decor

Scentsy by Sylvia

The rain really was not supposed to come until around 4 - which by that time would have been the time that everyone would have been packing up. We were relying on's hour by hour breakdown and it is obviously NOT reliable. The rain came 2 hours early!

I'm clearly not having this rain right now!

After the turnout at the first market, I really wanted to be in the front parking lot. The next morning, I was up early to talk to the school to see if we could be in the front parking lot next time. I really want this to be a fun Market where the community can come together and we can ultimately support groups at the high school. We shall see! For now, we were ABLE to get the front lot and it will be on August 16th!! See you there!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


So you want to be a Reagan Flea Market vendor? Well good news - we’d love to have you!

  • Do you make awesome products? 
  • Do you have a shop online or are you active in social media? 
  • Do you live in Southern California? 
Then the Reagan Flea Market is the right fit for you! Our first show is July 19th. We’re looking for Vendors with new products, ideas, and designs. Each vendor is carefully selected to ensure a successful show for all involved. We consider the Reagan Flea to be current, on trend, fun, and unique.

Help us make our first show great by becoming one of our Vendors! Please take a look at our social media -  we are @ReaganFlea on FacebookTwitterand@ReaganMarket on Insta. We love our Vendors like family and appreciate the support of our shoppers. 

Check out our Vendor Information Page for booth prices, market times, and FAQ's. Ready to book a booth? APPLY HERE to become a Vendor!